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New Zealand Student Visa Requirements

Check requirements for New Zealand student visa you need to submit list of following documents at the time of lodgment of Student visa Application to immigration New Zealand

  1. Student Visa Application Form & Supplementary Information Form.
  2. Passport- Passport must be valid for 3 months beyond the intended date of departure from New Zealand.
  3. Photograph- Two recent passport-sized photograph (must be less than six months old).
  4. Education Certificates- All certificates from 10th onwards (with translation, if required).
    (Note: If the student intends to pursue aviation or marine course in NZ then the evidence of related qualifications/work experience must be provided.)
  5. English Language Requirement (IELTS and PTE)
  6. Covering Letter
  7. Statement of Purpose
  8. Offer of Place
  9. Evidence of Employment (If Applicable)
  10. Health Requirements
  11. Police Clearance Certificate from Regional Passport Office, or from the Office of Deputy Commissioner of Police.
  12. Financial Documents: Students are required to submit evidence of sufficient funds for maintenance during their stay in New Zealand (i.e. for Tuition Fee + Living Cost)
    a) Financial Undertaking Form
    b) Affidavit of Support from Sponsor
    c) Authorization letter from Sponsor, authorizing Immigration New Zealand to verify the financial documents on their behalf.
    d) Fund Type:• Education loan from nationalized or multinational bank with details of borrower, co-borrower and personal guarantor. Detail of collateral security and its owner (if applicable).
    • Latest bank statement for the past 6 months
    • Fixed deposit ( 6-month old)
    • GPF/PPFNote:

    1. The telephone number along with STD code of the Financial Institution should be provided for the verification of authenticity of funds.
    2. Students are required to provide documentary evidence of income, along with the source of income, of their parents; even if the cost of study is being sponsored by another person.
    3. Under FTS student has no access to fund older than six months.
  13. Application Visa Fee:• DD of Rs. 14,300 in favour of Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment payable at Mumbai
    • DD of Rs 1000 in favour of TT services, payable at Chandigarh or Delhi (Depending on the location of the student)

Student Visa Changes for New Zealand

As we mention above the complete New Zealand student visa requirements now below you can check the new changes for student visa.

New Zealand Immigration has recently launched New Pathway Student Visa Pilot

1.  New Zealand has launched an 18-month pilot for a new Pathway Student Visa.

2. The pathway visa allows students to study with up to three different education providers over a five-year period, all without renewing the study visa.

3. Pathway visa holders may also work during their studies, within the limits of existing immigration regulations in New Zealand.

4. This Pathway pilot is only limited to the education institutions that meet to defined government criteria for participation, that includes the 90% student visa approval rate over the previous 12 months.

For more information:-

www.immigration.govt. nz

www.newzealandeducated. com