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New Zealand Student Visa Process

We at western overseas provide you a few steps to undergo the procedure of getting a study visa for New Zealand:

Step 1: Apply for Admission in College/University

This is the foremost step towards your dream to study abroad. There exist hundreds of colleges and universities to choose among in New Zealand. You will find many colleges/universities offering the courses that you are interested in. The best way is to conduct research on the best universities and college in New Zealand offering relevant courses and shortlist a few of them. Afterwards, browse the website of shortlisted colleges and decided the one that you find suitable in terms of education quality, ranking, course structure, course fee and other facilities for international students.

Once you have decided what and where you wish to study, complete the application to the institution of your choice. While applying for admission, you will be required to submit a few documents, including the proof of your previous academic qualifications; and in the majority of cases, you need to submit a proof of your English language ability. Now wait for your offer letter to move towards the next step of your New Zealand Student Visa Process.

Step 2: Undertake Medical and PCC

After receiving your offer letter from an institution, you will need to undergo a medical examination by one of the doctors approved by the Immigration New Zealand. A list of doctors approved by the panel can be found by visiting the link given below: http://www.immigration.govt.nz/paneldoctors/ At the same time, you will need to arrange for your Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from Regional Passport office or from the Deputy Commissioner of Police of your area.

Step 3: Visa Lodgment

To lodge your visa application for New Zealand student visa, you will need to provide the documents outlined in the checklist provided on the immigration website of New Zealand (http://www.immigration.govt.nz/). In relation to your financials, it is strongly recommended that you can take the advantage of the Funds Transfer Scheme (FTS) offered by the ANZ bank. The benefits of using the FTS are explained below.


FTS is known as the Fund Transfer Scheme. This scheme is very helpful for those students who wants to study in New Zealand, but they do not the funds older than six months. Under the Fund Transfer Scheme you need to transfer the living expense of one Year to a bank account (ANZ Bank) in New Zealand, in addition to paying the tuition fee for one year. The amount that is deposited as FTS will be locked for twelve months and is then drip fed to the student on a pre-arranged basis. The period of this locked amount may be varied out according to the immigration New Zealand instructions for a given period.

Step 5: New Pathway Student Visa Pilot – Less Paperwork, Less Hassle

If you want to study more than one program on one student visa, then New Pathway Student Visa Pilot program is for you. Under this program, students can study three consecutive courses on one student visa, over a period of up to three consecutive years.

For example, if you take an English language course, transfer to a year-long foundation programme, and then move onto a degree course, all three courses are included on the one visa. But only a qualified consultant can guide you about this, who have good knowledge about New Zealand Student Visa Process and good experience.

What are the benefits?

1. You only have to apply once: Once when you get New Zealand Student visa, then you will be able to cover up to three courses, over a maximum period of five years on the same visa without coming Back to India.

2. You’ll have a seamless study experience: Your study are going to be planned out from the beginning, making the transition between courses (and providers) much smoother – permitting you to concentrate on your studies.

3. Support of education providers: also in New Zealand your education providers will help or supports you in your complete studies till the end point of your course.

If you are getting education from more than one participating institution in your Pathway, then the providers must have a formal agreement to take care of your and your education while you’re in New Zealand.

4. You may be able to work while you study
Some courses allow you to work for up to 20 hours each week and full-time during scheduled breaks and/or the summer vacation period.

If your first course is included in the work rights of New Zealand, then you’ll be allowed to work for the duration of your visa.  And if it is available only for your second or subsequent program of study, then you’ll need to apply to Immigration New Zealand for the different conditions before you can start working.

The Pathway Student Visa Pilot was introduced and started in December 2015 and it will continue until the June 2017.

Step 6: Payment of Tuition Fees

After the lodgment of your visa application, and once you have received the ” Approval in Principal (AIP) ” of your visa from the Immigration New Zealand, you will need to pay your 1st years tuition fees to the respective institution.

An the time when you are using FTS you will also need to transfer your living expenses in contribution to your ANZ bank account.

Step 7: Visa Outcome

You will be notified you of outcome of your visa application on your email and you can then collect your passport. Now is the time for you to start planning your travel and accommodation for New Zealand!

How Western Overseas helps you with this Process?

However, student visa process for New Zealand is not as easy as it appears. It involves little hassle and needs to be carrying out carefully. Single mistake can create huge mess with your visa application. At Western Overseas, We will make it easy for you to go to study in New Zealand by helping you in navigating through various processes of student visa.

Here is how we help you:

1.We provide you a FREE Counseling session (Telephonic/In-person) to help you choose a right college/university and industry-oriented course in New Zealand.

2.We provide you a checklist of documents that you need to submit at the time of applying to the chosen college and we take the responsibility of doing all the hard work of tracking the applications by staying in touch with the institution, on your behalf.

3.Western Overseas strongly recommends you to take the advantage of FTS in your financial arrangements offered by the ANZ bank.

4.Just like your admission application, Western Overseas helps you lodge your visa file for New Zealand student visa. We will keep you updated on the progress of your application and will take the hard work out of tracking your application by staying in constant touch with the visa officer, on your behalf.

5.We will notify you as soon as we get to know the outcome of your application for your study Visa for New Zealand and you can then collect your passport.

6.At Western Overseas, we can help you organize your travel arrangements to begin your new student life in New Zealand. Air ticketing, insurance and foreign exchange can all be arranged through us to make studying overseas easier and a once-in-a-life experience!

Remember, all our services are free of charge!