About us

Sai Immigration Services has been inspiring Indian students and successfully turning their dreams into realities to study overseas in reputed institutes.

Sai provides personalized consultancy to students at all stages of education from school to university level to help them decide a good institute for themselves for further studies. Since the parents in India have a big role to play to decide about the education of their children we help in educating them also about the options available internationally for the education of their children.

Sai Immigration has been dedicated to the cause of providing personalized consultancy to students as well as parents, at all stages of studying abroad, from School to University level and have sent more than hundred students to Universities/ Colleges around the world in the past.

Sai Immigration offers a unique range of services dedicated to advising parents and school at all stages of education abroad from pre-school to post-university. Each year we receive thousands of enquiries from students for overseas study. Most of our clients contact us after personal recommendations from friends and relatives who are familiar with our services; others are referred to us by other advisory services, international organizations or diplomatic representatives.

Every student has individual requirements, but in order to ensure a well-informed choice there are almost always special factors to consider, including a student’s academic background, age, knowledge of English, when to come to the university or college, the length of the student’s stay in the university/college and what, where and how he/she wishes to study. We assist students with all aspects of planning and arranging for their study overseas.

Our Expertise

Sai Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd. has particular expertise in all areas related to Immigration matters and provides representation and advice to foreign nationals who are looking to obtain an Overseas visa on a permanent or temporary basis for CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, U.K, U.S.A, CYPRUS, SOUTH AFRICA, IRELAND. Sai Immigration is focused on getting clients to their desired destinations in the shortest possible time through variety of avenues Such as, Study Permit, Skilled Migration (CANADA & AUSTRALIA). We are highly attentive and committed to providing a common sense, skilled approach to problem solving. Sai Immigration offers all types of Immigration services to its clients who want to visit, study, work or immigrate to Canada.

Sai Immigration is authorized representative for various Public and private schools, Colleges and Universities in around the world. We at Sai Immigration do every effort to provide direct and uncompromising solutions to our clients.

Our staff has years of experience in all aspects of the Immigration process, beginning with the assessing of an individual, the processing of an application and the finalization of a successful case with little effort on behalf of the client. Meeting our client’s immigration needs is our greatest priority. We are highly attentive and committed to providing a skilled approach to problem solving.